Chicago Chorale is a professional-level ensemble of singers who cultivate their craft out of genuine love and dedication, giving freely of their time and talent.


Chicago Chorale enriches the lives of those in its community by broadening awareness of and deepening emotional connection to great choral music.

The ensemble gives sensitive and thought-provoking performances of a diverse choral repertoire, from well-loved works to overlooked masterpieces to newly commissioned pieces. Chicago Chorale selects music that will challenge and thrill listeners and performers alike, and maintains a commitment to artistic excellence and integrity.

Chicago is home to such a plethora of fine choral groups that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them. Add the Chicago Chorale...to the roster of local ensembles that deserve to be much better known.
— Lawrence A. Johnson, Chicago Classical Review
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board of directors:

Cynthia Soledad,


Dan Bertsche,

Vice President

Bill McDougall,


Mary Bellmar,


Drew Boshardy

ray cullom

Liz Dias

Nancy Goede

Jacob Karaca


Sasha Austin-Schmidt

Megan Balderston

Erielle Bakkum

Fred Behlen

Mary Bellmar

Kirsten Belzer

Jonah Benning-Shorb

Dan Bertsche

Rebecca Blumer

Elena Buis

Abigail Bunce Morgan

August Culbert

Paul Erling

Genevieve Faber

Jana French

Tim Friese

Rory Frydman

Bonnie Gunzenhauser

David John Hailey

Jennifer Hawe

Mason Heller

Joe Henry

Allison Hoover-Kinne

Eleanor Hughes

Rebecca Incledon

Rachel Jaicks

Jacob Karaca

Temmo Kinoshita

Steve Kniss

Sophie Krahnke

Erich Kurschat

Erin Lane

Vance Lauderdale

Andrew Lee

Katie Little

Sophie Littleton

Colton Long

David Lorell

Alex Luke

Kirsten Mallik

Amy Mantrone

Leslie Mataya

Nathan McConnell

Bill McDougall

Mollie McFee

Claire McWilliams

Jessica Melger

Jennifer Meyer

Michael Modak-Truran

Maura Monahan

David Moore

Sarah Oaks

Austin O’Brien

Susan O’Brien

Patrick O’Connor

Peter Olson

Cassandra Pautler

Madeleine Polovick

Bethany Powell

Katherine Price

Colin Rennert-May

Amy Ripepi

Janet Romo Bridgett

Kris Rosentel

Graham Smith

Andy Sons

Christopher Swenson

Elizabeth Tuazon

Phil Verhoef

Kelsey Welch

Jill White

Rebecca Witmer

Charis Wuerffel

John Zadlo