Baltic Tour Concert Details-- maybe you'll be there to here us!

Wed 8 July                KAUNAS         Kaunas Basilica           7 PM Thur 9 July               VILNIUS         St. Kasimir's                  7 PM

Sat 11 July               RIGA                St. Peter's Church       6 PM

Mon 13 July             HAPSAALU    Hapsaalu Dom              6:30 PM

Tue 14 July              TALINN           St. John's Church        7 PM

Thur 16 July            HELSINKI      Church of the Rock       7 PM

Many of our singers have already left, and are travelling through other parts of Europe before gathering in Vilnius. Good for them! They are having a great time, and will be thoroughly over jet lag by the time the rest of us arrive. Excitement is running high, on both sides of the Atlantic. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, please come and hear us!