It came a floweret bright, amid the snows of winter

I expect humankind has observed the Winter Solstice ever since our early ancestors wandered out of Africa and populated the northern hemisphere.  The gradual weakening of the sunlight, the shortening of the days and lengthening of the nights, the cold and ice and storms, the possibility of starvation, -- not only did it cause physical privation and hardship, it must have been metaphysically terrifying.

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Bruce TammenComment
A Chicago Chorale Christmas!

This season, Chorale will present its very first Christmas concert.  The Ravinia Festival, which, surprisingly, has an indoor, winter season, has invited us to sing on their BGH Classics Series, in Bennett Gordon Hall, Saturday, December 15, at 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM. 

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Bruce Tammen
Three motets for Passion Sunday

In addition to Mozart's Requiem, Chorale has chosen to sing three a cappella motets by modern composers, settings of texts appropriate to Holy Week, which have a musical and acoustical character particularly appropriate to St.Benedict’s Catholic Church, the venue for our concert.

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