Chicago Chorale’s leadership and singers.

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Board and Staff


  • Bruce Tammen, Artistic Director
  • Megan Balderston, Managing Director

Rehearsal Accompanist

  • Alban “Kit” Bridges, Jr.

Board of Directors

  • Angela Grimes, President
  • Jacob Karaca, Vice President
  • Dan Bertsche, Secretary
  • Bill McDougall, Treasurer
  • Mary Bellmar
  • Thomas Christensen
  • Mari Franklin
  • Megan Balderston, ex-officio
  • Bruce Tammen, ex-officio

Advisory Council

  • David Bevington
  • Bernard Brown
  • Elsa Charlson
  • Harriet Marty
  • Weston Noble
  • Jean Treese


  • Cristina Betancourt, Webmaster
  • Amy Matrone, Librarian
  • Volunteer House Manager position is open. Contact Megan at for information on how you can help.

 Production Volunteers

Megan Balderston, Mary Bellmar, Dan Bertsche, Paul Erling, Jana French, Angela Grimes, Jennifer Hawe, David Houggy, Allison Hoover-Kinne, Sarah Idzik, Zachary Johnson, Asa Kaplan, Jacob Karaca, Claire McWilliams, Jennifer Meyer, Andy Sons, and Charis Wuerffel


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Photos by Jasmine Kwong and Dan Dry

Not Pictured:

  • David Beer, Chicago, User Experience Researcher, 2013
  • Mary Bellmar, Oak Park, Teacher, 2002
  • Shane Caldwell, Chicago, Physicist, 2006
  • Daniel Comeaux, Chicago, Student, 2013
  • Matt Gee, Chicago, Graduate Student, 2013
  • Tim Graham, Chicago, Consultant, 2004
  • Jen Hawe, Chicago, Instructional Designer, 2010
  • Elisabeth Kinsley, Chicago, PhD Student, 2011
  • Andrew Lee, Chicago, Library Assistant, 2013
  • Tara Mack, Chicago, Education NonProfit Director, 2010
  • Amy Mantrone, Chicago, Library Paraprofessional, 2000
  • Sam Martin, Chicago, Strength & Conditioning Coach, 2010
  • Beanie Meadow, Chicago, Medical Student, 2012
  • Esther Menn, Chicago, Seminary Dean, 2000
  • Elizabeth Wakefield-Connell, Chicago, PostDoctoral Researcher, 2013
  • Keegan White, Chicago, Professional Saxophonist and University Admissions Representative, 2013
  • Caroline Zavislak, Chicago, Musicial/Performer, 2013


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