Chicago Chorale’s leadership and singers.

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Board and Staff


Bruce Tammen, Artistic Director
Megan Balderston, Managing Director


Angela Grimes, House Manager
Daniel Stearns, Stage Manager

Rehearsal Accompanist

Alban “Kit” Bridges, Jr.

Board of Directors

  • Angela Grimes, President
    Bill McDougall, Treasurer
    Charis Wuerffel, Secretary
    Robert Beatty
    Mary Bellmar
    Dan Bertsche
    Jane Bunnell
    Thomas Christensen
  • Mari Franklin
  • Jacob Karaca
  • Mark Schneider
    Megan Balderston, ex-officio
    Bruce Tammen, ex-officio

Advisory Council

David Bevington
Bernard Brown
Elsa Charlson
Susan B.W. Johnson
Harriet Marty
Weston Nobel
Jean Treese

Volunteer Leadership


Erielle Bakkum and Allison Hoover-Kinne


Cristina Betancourt


Megan Balderston, Mary Bellmar, Dan Bertsche, Paul Erling, Jana French, Angela Grimes, Jennifer Hawe, David Houggy, Allison Hoover-Kinne, Sarah Idzik, Zachary Johnson, Asa Kaplan, Jacob Karaca, Claire McWilliams, Jennifer Meyer, Andy Sons, and Charis Wuerffel


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Photos by Jasmine Kwong and Dan Dry

Not Pictured:

  • David Beer, Chicago, User Experience Researcher, 2013
  • Mary Bellmar, Oak Park, Teacher, 2002
  • Shane Caldwell, Chicago, Physicist, 2006
  • Daniel Comeaux, Chicago, Student, 2013
  • Matt Gee, Chicago, Graduate Student, 2013
  • Tim Graham, Chicago, Consultant, 2004
  • Jen Hawe, Chicago, Instructional Designer, 2010
  • Elisabeth Kinsley, Chicago, PhD Student, 2011
  • Andrew Lee, Chicago, Library Assistant, 2013
  • Tara Mack, Chicago, Education NonProfit Director, 2010
  • Amy Mantrone, Chicago, Library Paraprofessional, 2000
  • Sam Martin, Chicago, Strength & Conditioning Coach, 2010
  • Beanie Meadow, Chicago, Medical Student, 2012
  • Esther Menn, Chicago, Seminary Dean, 2000
  • Elizabeth Wakefield-Connell, Chicago, PostDoctoral Researcher, 2013
  • Keegan White, Chicago, Professional Saxophonist and University Admissions Representative, 2013
  • Caroline Zavislak, Chicago, Musicial/Performer, 2013

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